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Do you have a group or staff interested in an EE training?  You can request any of the following workshops.  Trainings start at $50/person with a minimum of 8 participants depending on length of workshop requested. Contact CAEE to learn more about these exciting profession development opportunities!  Click here to check the calendar for upcoming meeting dates and times.

Contact CAEE for more information! Email [email protected] or call 303-273-9527


QualitEE Workshops

Teaching Environmental Issues

This day-long workshop actively involves educators in an exploration of how to investigate and evaluate environmental issues with their learners. The workshop models a variety of effective strategies educators can use to assist learners in exploring and seeking responsible courses of action toward the resolution of environmental issues.  Participants will explore how to effectively teach about environmental issues, and will start to develop their own classroom plans and outlines about teaching environmental issues - with an emphasis on local issues.

Explore Environmental Education in Colorado’s New Academic Standards

Do you need to get up to speed on Colorado's new standards?  Through a series of hands-on activities, this workshop provides an introduction to the national Environmental Education Guidelines for K-12 Learning and how these benchmarks can be used to develop an integrated curriculum aligned with new Colorado State Standards. Participants receive a copy of Excellence in Environmental Education: Guidelines for Learning (PreK-12).

What Makes a Quality Environmental Education Program?

Take the challenge of excellence - renew, refresh, and reinvigorate your environmental education program/materials! This engaging, informative workshop will guide you through an in-depth look at NAAEE's Environmental Education Materials: Guidelines for Excellence as a tool to self-evaluate your EE materials or programs.   

Training New Leaders in Environmental Education

Do you offer internships or train seasonal educators?  Explore a training curriculum and toolkit to train young professionals (in particular teenagers and young adults) with the environmental education skills they need and learn how your training can help new employees become certified environmental educators. 

Certification 101:  You can become a Certified Environmental Educator

Whether you are new to the environmental education (EE) field or have years of experience, the EE Certification Program through CAEE can help you grow as an environmental educator.  Find out more about the certification program and how you can start your portfolio to become a certified environmental educator.  This program is suited for both formal and nonformal educators.

Looking at Environmental Education Practices through a Community Lens

What do quality of life, wellness, and community engagement have in common? Environmental Education!  Join CAEE to explore environmental education practices as they relate to a newly developed guidelines framework that focuses on community environmental education.  The Community Environmental Education Guidelines provide approaches for community building in the framework of environmental programming, in particular connecting environmental education to quality of life issues, community wellness, and inclusive practices.

Creating Excellence in Environmental Education

Explore tools you can use in the National Guidelines for Excellence in Environmental Education, discover connections to Colorado State Standards, connect with community resources, and investigate integration of quality of life and community wellness as it relates to environmental education.  This workshop will explore best practices through environmental education materials, learner guidelines, and community engagement.

Project Learning Tree: Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood

CAEE in partnership with PLT is excited to offer early childhood educators professional development. Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood provides an introduction to environmental education, encouraging children ages 3 to 6 to explore, discover and communicate in expressive ways. For my information on upcoming workshops or ways that you can get involved please email [email protected]