Certification lasts for a period of 7 years after which recertification is required to keep certification current.
Maintaining your certification allows you to continue your personal growth and receive professional recognition among your peers. It also ensures that you maintain your knowledge, skills, and use of best practices in the field.

Recertification Requirements

To be recertified, an educator must document a total of 56 (average eight hours/year) contact hours (not credit hours) of professional development and required reflection. Certified environmental educators should record professional development activities including attending and presenting at conferences, trainings, courses or workshops. For informational support and technical assistance regarding professional development opportunities please contact CAEE.

To be recertified, the applicant will submit a list of professional development activities with the name of the event, date, number of hours and signature.  In addition, the applicant will submit answers (~one page) for these questions:

  1. Why did you choose to participate in one of the professional development opportunities on your list? 
  2. How did you apply what you learned professionally?
  3. How did the session, workshop, training, etc., benefit you professionally?
  4. What significant changes in the field and/or your own practice have occurred in the last seven years?

The applicant should also address any feedback received in his/her certification acceptance letter in descriptions of activities and answers to the above questions.

Applicants need not resubmit portfolios to be recertified.

To submit your recertification documentation:

  1. Complete the recertification application form online.  The cost for recertification is $35.  Fees can be submitted by credit card or mailed to CAEE.

  2. Submit by email your Professional Development Documentation Form (Word or PDF) and Reflection form (Word or PDF).  

Recertification Application

 Please contact CAEE if you have any questions.