Fall Conference

Fall Conference

CAEE is excited to offer a fall conference for the CAEE community. Join environmental education (EE) providers and supporters from agencies, nonprofits, schools, and environmental, nature, and conservation fields to network, share ideas, and find inspiration from innovative EE leaders. More information to follow on the 2020 fall conference. 

2019 Fall Conference: Three-Dimensional Learning in EE

September 27, 2019, Avon, CO

Co-Hosted by Walking Mountains Science Center 

At the 2019 West Slope Conference, we explored ways of designing and sequencing activities that are effective for how we know students learn best. Participants learned more about the 3D vision of NGSS, the connections between NGSS and the new Colorado State Academic Standards set to be implemented in 2020, and how to teach based on these standards using successful models such as the BEETLES (Better Environmental Education, Teaching, Learning & Expertise Sharing) Project.