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eeEvaluation with CO Collective Outcomes

CAEE is working with Point b(e) Strategies to create opportunities to help build capacity for eeEvaluation in Colorado.  There are several ways to engage.  


Collective Outcomes Workshop Series

Evaluation can be tough to squeeze into busy schedules.  This series will not only walk you through the process of evaluation, but provide you with a variety of evaluation tools that you can use immediately. Check our events page to see if there is workshop series coming up.


eeEvaluation in a Box

Evaluation can be tough to squeeze into busy schedules and costly for organizations with limited staff and financial capacity.  This technical assistance program will provide organizations with training, semi-customized tools based on the Collective Outcomes, expert coaching, data analysis and a customized report.  Download additional information.


eeEvaluation Fellowship

Are you looking to build your evaluation skill through shared learning?  Participants in the eeEvaluation fellowship will participate in training in the Collective Outcomes, four peer-learning session, access to semi-customized tools, and have the opportunities to build or enhance evaluation practices at your organization.  Download additional information.


Colorado Collective Outcomes Overview

By bringing together EE practitioners, evaluators, and funders to create and use shared outcomes, environmental educators can more effectively demonstrate the role of EE in improving quality of life in Colorado.

Environmental and outdoor learning has a powerful story to be told, but traditional ways of doing so have often fallen short of demonstrating individual and community impact.  Without being able to effectively tell and share this story of impact, the field has often struggled to secure both financial and policy-based support.  As a result, far too many communities go without access to quality EE initiatives to help improve the lives of individuals and their community.

By bringing together practitioners, evaluators, and funders, we are working to:

  • Demonstrate the role of EE in improving the quality of life in Colorado
  • Build capacity for evaluation within EE Organizations
  • Provide a framework for evaluating ee across and among organizations
  • Align the needs of funders and EE practitioners
Outcomes and Indicators

With generous support from the Pisces Foundation, CAEE worked with Blue Lotus Consulting and Evaluation to identify KEY indicators of success in environmental education that inform five IMPACT AREAS: Conservation; Education; Health; Social Justice; and Youth Development.  In doing so, we developed common indicators of success towards each impact area at the state and program level that are strategically and intentionally captured through the efforts of practitioners, evaluators, researchers, and funders. This collaborative and collective effort will aim to provide the evidence that supports the impact we all know exists through environmental education efforts.

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Align your Programs to the Colorado Collective Outcomes

Telling a More Effective Story about Environmental Education

Evaluation data can help us tell the story of the impacts environmental and outdoor learning is having across the state.  However, among the general public, the connection between environmental education and public health, conservation, PreK-12 education, positive youth development and social justice is poorly understood.  We believe that an evidenced based framing strategy can help us tell the story of our impact and our evaluations.  CAEE worked in collaboration with Environmental Education New Mexico and the Frameworks Institute to develop "How to Tell a More Effective Story about Environmental Education:  A Framing Guide for Advocates, Educators, Program Leaders, and Other Communicators."

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