Maya Ayres

Douglas County High School

2023 Outstanding Youth Environmental Leadership Award Recipient

Maya Ayers

Maya is a passionate environmentalist who is on a mission to educate people about the impact of plastics on humans and the environment. Douglas County School District Sustainability first learned about Maya's environmental education outreach when her TEDx Reduce, Reuse Rethink presentation was shared with us in 2022. Maya's TEDx talk has 3.8K views to date. That is a big impact!

Imagine our delight when we learned that she is a student at Douglas County High School! We reached out to Maya to learn more about her efforts and to invite her to speak at DCSD Sustainability's Green University in February of this year. In preparation for the event, Maya collaborated with Beth Church (DCSD) to create a customized presentation for our event. She included the latest research on plastic waste with detailed information on the increasing levels of microplastics in our environment. Maya's presentation to teachers and community supporters was highly impactful and resulted in multiple requests to present to student groups across the district.

Environmental education is the key to informing and empowering citizens of all ages to adopt environmentally friendly behaviors. Maya is a young environmental educator who is committed to using her voice to make a difference for humans and the environment. It is our belief that her impact will continue to expand as she reaches more audiences with her presentations.