Larry Colbenson

Boulder County Parks & Open Space

2021 Outstanding Retiring Environmental Educator Recognition Recipient

Larry training volunteer naturalists

Larry is retiring as the Boulder County Parks & Open Space Natural History Program Coordinator where he has provided public service for the past 24 years to county residents and open space visitors. In that time Larry oversaw 5,367 educational programs with 103,984 participants!

Larry oversaw two educational programs - one for county residents and another for volunteer naturalists (VNs). The initial volunteer commitment is one year, yet most renew for three to five years. Their dedication is accredited to Larry’s strong leadership. Larry always has time to talk, to help plan a program or hike, and to attend their programs. Larry also provides monthly training opportunities to enhance volunteers’ knowledge and skills, as well as provide social opportunities. The combination of all the training opportunities has created, literally, hundreds of county residents who are knowledgeable about environmental issues!