Keith Bruno

Audubon Rockies

2021 Outstanding Environmental Educator Award Recipient

Keith Bruno shows two children river insects

Based at Four Mile Ranch, an outdoor learning center that brings nature into the classroom, and children into nature, Keith Bruno has been organizing field trips to its rivers, ponds, meadows, and forests to help students combine science education with outdoor discovery and exploration for over 6 years.

While the Covid-19 pandemic made the year very difficult, Keith was able to pivot and lead education outreach with many firsts. He used existing technology such as Zoom and Facebook to approach engagement in a new manner while ensuring quality education and outreach experiences. These new opportunities had the further benefit of facilitating engagement by participants across a wider geography than traditional in-person events. Among these milestones were virtual school programs, how-to/ engagement videos, and online classes for adults. He gathered and created many resources to provide parents, educators, and resource professionals with the tools to help cope with the reality of the sudden at-home learning needs that the quarantine and social distancing demanded.

Keith’s background and good work has positioned him as a leader in environmental education in southwest Colorado. Because of Keith, thousands of people a year learn about and connect to nature in Southwest Colorado. Keith helps people feel comfortable outdoors, think critically about environmental issues, and act as stewards of the natural world. After 6 years, he is actively growing into new communities, partnerships, and programs with a focus on inclusivity.