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2021 Innovative EE Program Award Recipient

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Outstanding EE Program: Covid-19 Response

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado Native Plant Society (CoNPS) created half-day, comprehensive webinars, covering a variety of topics to meet the needs and interests of its adult members, ranging from novice wildflower enthusiasts to professional botanists/plant scientists, restoration professionals, etc.; and from new members to seasoned members. Webinars: (1) allowed CoNPS to continue to fulfill its educational mission while ensuring a safe environment for participants; (2) provided cost savings for participants, (due to shorter program times) and increased revenues for CoNPS (due to increased numbers of registrants); (3) saved program costs; (4) promoted a sense of normalcy for participants amid the pandemic; and (5) allowed for the creation of a Special Speaker Series, composed of nationally/internationally known speakers.

The results were astonishing: (1) Program registration increased by 250%, and CoNPS’ reach expanded to 17 states throughout the country, allowing us to spread the word about the importance of native plants, native pollinators, and native ecosystems throughout the nation; (2) program evaluations were extremely positive; and (3) net program revenues increased by 311% (due to increased registrations and decreased program costs). In conclusion, what could have been a devastating year for this nonprofit organization turned out to be one of the highest-reaching for participants and highest program revenue-producing years in CoNPS history.