Barb Horn

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

2020 Outstanding Retiring Environmental Educator Recognition Recipient

Barb Horn - Outstanding Retiring Environmental Educator

Ms. Horn has worked on water quality issues Colorado Rivers since 1986 as a Water Resource Specialist for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. She founded Colorado River Watch as a mechanism to obtain water quality data for the Clean Water Act in Colorado. This citizen science annually monitors over 600 stations on 400 plus rivers in Colorado for chemical, physical and biological parameters, collaborating with 140 groups most of which are secondary schools. She has been involved in state, regional and national leadership including Co- Chair of the Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council, two terms as Volunteer Monitoring representative on the National Water Quality Monitoring Council, nine years on River Network Board and served on a NACEPT committee advising EPA how to integrate citizen science. A Colorado native, she claims she reached her maximum potential when at five years old and has been trying to get it back since.