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Membership is a key component of CAEE’s mission to foster collaboration, mobilize support, and drive excellence. Members guide the decisions about the ways we engage, advocate, and move toward a more environmentally literate Colorado.

Being a member of CAEE connects you and your organization to other environmental education partners throughout the state and the broader NAAEE network, of which CAEE is an affiliate. We believe that our members can have more influence together than we can as individual units.

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What Unique Value does CAEE Membership bring?

Advocating on behalf of Environmental Education. CAEE is the voice of the environmental education community in Colorado. We are your advocates for training, funding, and support in the fight for access to quality environmental education opportunities for all Coloradans.  CAEE’s influence is real. It comes from the power of our numbers (over 700 members), the work of many members and staff as a resource to leaders and decision makers, and from a strong reputation as the conduit for collaboration and coordination among environmental education providers in Colorado.

Shaping the future of Environmental Education. CAEE provides critical leadership in shaping environmental education’s future. Our work advocating for funding, high quality practices and training, on standards for educators and in formal education, and on recognizing excellence in the field are critical guidance for environmental education professionals and for those in training.
Educating about the importance of Environmental Education. As the umbrella organization for environmental education in the state, we are the best teacher of the many ways EE can help people and improve society. We have communicated the value of environmental education for many years.

Providing access to tools, resources, funding, programs, and research in environmental education via multiple platforms and for multiple audiences. One size does not fit all when it comes to your information needs and how you prefer to access information. Through e-newsletters, topic specific list serves, searchable online directories, and social media, CAEE is working to make sure you have the environmental education information you need.