Thorne Nature Experience Environmental Educator


Thorne Nature Experience


Boulder, CO


Thorne Environmental Educators work year-round to foster deep nature connection through joyful, place-based, hands-on experiences. Educators teach and support elementary aged students in Thorne’s In-School, After School, Field Trip, Summer Camp, and Community Programs. Educators also provide opportunities and access to nature for all, especially the low-income and Latinx youth in Boulder County.   Thorne Nature Experience is a non-profit organization committed to building Earth stewardship by connecting youth to nature. Founded in 1954, Thorne has a rich history and has reached more than 300,000 children and adults through its programs.     This job is for you if you:  Are an experienced Instructor, especially in an informal and outdoor setting   Have passion for nature and the outdoors  Have strong communication skills with adults and children  Have a good knowledge of Colorado ecology and natural science  Have an understanding of Social Emotional Learning techniques   Have good organizational skills and ability to handle multiple tasks and roles, patiently and professionally  Are proficient with MS Office suite (Word, Excel, and Outlook) and Google Drive  Are conversational/proficient in Spanish