Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist


Colorado State Forest Service


Fort Collins, CO


Under the direct supervision of the Geospatial Data and Analysis Program Manager and in collaboration with the Science and Data Division, the GIS Specialist will provide technical geospatial project support that will ensure that CSFS continues to provide forestry leadership and expertise. This position will add to CSFS GIS expertise in manipulating and analyzing geospatial data to support resource management decisions. The position will also make recommendations and provide expert advice on the development and application of enterprise geospatial data hosting, storage, and analysis processes, protocols and solutions to mission-critical resource management issues. The functions of this position are to further bolster the Science and Data division’s goal of maintaining and enhancing forestry and wildfire risk reduction expertise. This position requires that the GIS Specialist is proficient in general project management skills including but not limited to: recording accomplishments, meeting deadlines, supporting field operations, and engaging in consistent communication with colleagues and managers. The GIS Specialist needs to be proactive in their project development, including accomplishing project objectives, forecasting project needs, and effectively sharing new knowledge and information with internal staff and external partners and cooperators. The GIS Specialist will serve as an advocate for organizing the agency’s spatial data and supporting our transition to a more enterprise/cloud data-sharing model.