New England Regional Program Manager


Big City Mountaineers


Boston, MA


The New England Regional Program Manager (RPM) is responsible for managing BCM programs based out of Boston. This includes delivering high quality and mission focused day hikes, overnights, weeklong backcountry expeditions, and year-round outdoor programs to partnering youth agencies in the surrounding area. RPMs are responsible for hiring and supporting seasonal instructors, coordinating program logistics, liaising with partner agencies, managing a regional budget and occasionally facilitating programs directly. RPMs are supported directly by and report to BCM’s National Program Director.  RPMs have the secondary emphasis of community engagement. A successful Program Manager will build and maintain strong partnership with youth agencies, volunteers, instructors, and local stakeholders.   The New England RPM will need to spend some time in both the city and surrounding public lands where outdoor programming is held. RPMs can expect to travel to the BCM headquarters in Golden, Colorado for professional development and national team meetings up to four times a year.    Essential Duties  Community Engagement  RPMs develop and maintain relationships within the communities we work with and serve. This centers on establishing and maintaining partnerships with appropriate youth serving agencies, as well as local BCM supporters. RPMs also work to recruit adult volunteers locally to participate in our programs as well as collaborate with the program team nationally to promote volunteer efforts more broadly. Occasionally RPMs will be required to participate in (or lead) outreach efforts, promotional activities, and fundraising efforts in collaboration with the other members of the BCM team.  Program Leadership  RPMs are responsible for facilitating high quality outdoor programs that are consistent with BCM’s standards and mission as well as relevant to our youth agency partners. To this end, RPMs oversee and orchestrate program logistics including but not limited to securing food, transportation, and any necessary permits or reservations to ensure trips happen in an efficient and cost-effective way. RPMs are additionally expected to hire, train, and supervise a regional team of instructors and volunteers with the support of the broader BCM team. Lastly, RPMs will maintain clear and consistent communication with various stakeholders in their region, in order to maintain a culture of safety and address a partner agency’s expeditions needs.  RPMs will also play a significant role in designing, codifying, and systematizing BCM’s program model in collaboration with colleagues working in BCM’s various regions.  Risk Management  RPMs are expected to actively manage risk as it directly and indirectly applies to outdoor programs. During the program season this includes reviewing student registration forms, waivers, and other key documents, conducting thorough pre-trip briefings and post trip de-briefings with instructors and volunteers, equipment inspection and management, serving as an on-call resource for programs in the field, and managing emergency and incident response procedures with the support of the broader BCM team.   During the fall, winter, spring months RPMs are expected to work collaboratively with the national program director to recognize and address gaps in any safety protocols as well as develop or update risk management trainings for field instructors and volunteers.   Program Administration  RPMs keep accurate records of programs, participants, and events using BCM’s data management systems. This includes inputting and tracking student and adult participation in programs using common databases and administering surveys and assessments. RPMs work collaboratively with the program team and executive director to create a budget for their region and are responsible for staying within that budget throughout the year.   Qualifications  Personal and professional values consistent with BCM’s mission, values, and principles  High level of emotional intelligence and commitment to principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI). Highly motivated to increase access to the outdoors for youth from disinvested communities  Ability to work both collaboratively and independently, and to know when each is required   Interpersonal awareness, ability to cultivate trusting interpersonal relationships and connect with people across lines of difference  Organized and capable of managing administrative details  Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in multiple formats (written and verbal)  Able to flexibly respond and problem solve when challenges arise in the field and when planning a program   Comfortable giving and receiving feedback   Ability to set priorities and manage multiple projects simultaneously  Ability to inspire passion for BCM’s work and programs, internally and externally  Strong understanding of current outdoor industry / outdoor education safety standards and best practices for organized backcountry travel  Willingness to hold self and others accountable for all program and organizational policies.  Preferred Qualifications  Spanish speaking or bilingual  Requirements  Demonstrated experience in outdoor program development, facilitation, and management  Experience working with youth who come from racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse communities  Ability to work remotely and communicate effectively with employees across the country; comfortable and familiar with technology platforms that enable such communication (google workspace, zoom, salesforce, slack)  Willing and able to travel locally to meet in-person with agency partners and regionally to Headquarters in Golden, CO as job and duties require  Current WFR or WMET and CPR certification or ability to attain one within 60-days of employment start date  Clean driving record and reliable transportation    Employment & Compensation  This is a full-time, exempt position, with a starting annual salary range of $45,000 – $55,000/year. The Regional Program Manager will be eligible to receive medical, dental, and vision insurance within one month of hire.  Big City Mountaineers employees enjoy a generous paid time off policy and flexibility in terms of work schedule and location, as well as parental leave.   Expected start date for this position is January 24, 2022