Mentor/Lead Infant, Toddler and Pre-School Teachers


Wonderland Nature School


Gunnison, CO


Full Time Position: 35 hours per week in the classroom and 5 hours of prep and administration. The goal of the Mentor Teacher role is to develop and support the implementation of the nature-based pedagogy in collaboration with the Director of Pedagogy (DOP). In alignment with Reggio-inspired pedagogical philosophy, the Mentor Teacher strives to communicate in a way that honors children as inherently capable individuals who use many languages and forms of expression in their interpretations, interactions, and sensemaking activities. The Mentor Teacher develops curriculum in collaboration with the DOP in alignment with both nature-based and Reggio-inspired philosophies. The Mentor Teacher develops a supportive relationship with Teacher’s Aides so that they can guide educational and play-based activities. The goal of mentoring is to develop teacher confidence and skills within all Teachers Aides, encouraging a consistent, self-guided curriculum using experimental and experiential learning in a relationship-driven environment. The Mentor Teacher serves as a liaison with parents, children, and the Administrative Director related to day to day activities and more official communications. Compliance with state and federally mandated regulation and mandatory trainings (pre-service and continuing education) are required responsibilities. The Mentor Teacher embodies the mission, vision, and values of Wonderland Nature School at all times when interacting with peers, parents, children, and the community. We are looking for mentor teachers to work with all ages including infants, toddlers, preschoolers and young age children up to seven.

Mentor Teacher Duties Include But are Not Limited To:

Educational Responsibilities:

  • Supports children as they develop their unique voices and creates a culture of wonder in the school’s learning environments.
  • Engages students in place-based experiential and experimental learning in schooland nature-based settings to develop respect and reverence for the natural world.
  • Facilitates a classroom approach to snack and meal times that encourages a positive relationship with fresh, nutritious, healthy foods.
  • Engages children in community-based activities, particularly in intergenerational programming with our partner, Gunnison Valley Health Senior Care Center.
  • Creates an environment of social and emotional maturity and respect that proactively engages with issues of inclusivity, equity, diversity, and cultural dexterity as foundations of a democratic society.
  • Facilitates the daily schedule and rhythm of the classroom environment.
  • Develops strong relationships with all children to support their unique educational journeys.
  • Communicates regularly with parents in a way that instills confidence, warmth, and care.
  • Develops and implements nature-based, Reggio-inspired curriculum and daily flow in the classroom.
  • Implements developmentally appropriate methods of observational assessment with the intention of making learning visible and communicating a strong image of the child.
  • Supports Teachers Aides in upholding nature-based, Reggio-inspired curriculum.
  • Communicates regularly with the Administrative Director about any students requiring additional support.
  • Facilitates a classroom approach to snack and meal times that encourages a positive relationship with nutritious, healthy foods.

Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Proactively mentors Teacher’s Aides in the spirit building confidence, skills, and organizational culture of compassionate communication and place-based learning.
  • Participates in a culture of real time feedback and openness to suggestions and guidance.
  • Suggests and provides in-service trainings in bimonthly staff meetings based on observations and assessment of where additional resources are needed, in collaboration with the Administrative Director.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Reviews and approves timesheets of Teachers Aides and submits to the Administrative Director.
  • Creates orders for supplies and snacks within budgetary expectations.
  • Maintains notes and files for each student in their classroom; Facilitates biannual or specially scheduled parent conferences prepared to share their insights.
  • Supports the Administrative Director in fulfilling their own continuing education and licensure requirements in a timely manner and encourages Teacher’s Aides to do the same.

Any other duties as assigned. Responsibilities to be re-evaluated after 6 months of service.

Licensure Requirements: Colorado SHINES Level 2 credential or higher.

Compensation: Annual salary commensurate with experience, starting at $31,200.

Benefits: Paid training, 401K match, mental health care benefits, 4 weeks paid vacation during school closures, and 5 wellness days annually. Additional annual professional development opportunities dependant upon available funding.

Reporting: Employee reports to the Director of Pedagogy.

To Apply or For Further Information: Please email questions or a cover letter and resume to Position open until filled. Moving stipend of $500 for eligible applicants.