Environmental Education Instructor


Colorado State University Mountain Campus


Fort Collins, CO


"Eco-Week" is an environmental education program offered to 5th and 6th grade students. These environmental education positions provide lesson instruction and daily oversight for the program, lead campfire and evening activities, help coordinate logistics with teachers, facilitate ropes course and adventure components, and guide day hikes. A strong passion for outdoor activities and environmental education, and previous experience working with youth in the outdoors is strongly recommended. About the Position This position starts in Mid-August and finishes in Mid-October. If you would like to work full-season at the Mountain Campus, other summer positions are also available. Information at:http://www.mountaincampus.colostate.edu/employment Essential Job Functions:  Provide instruction and daily oversight for Eco-Week Program attendees Instruct pre-written environmental lessons Lead evening programs and campfire activities Facilitate Challenge Course Guide day hikes    About Colorado State University Mountain Campus Nestled in a beautiful, secluded mountain valley at an elevation of 9,000 ft. (2,743m) lies Colorado State University's 1,600-acre Mountain Campus. As a site for student learning, conferences, workshops, meetings, and retreats, the Mountain Campus offers a unique opportunity to leave the hectic pace of urban life behind and be immersed in the natural world of the Rocky Mountains. The Mountain Campus exists to serve the Colorado State University community and the surrounding region for academic field studies, educationally focused conferences and mountain research. The campus is open from Mid-May to Mid-October. Live and work in a beautiful mountain valley for the summer and/or fall season at the Mountain Campus. Be part of a small community of staff working towards a common goal. Enjoy the mountain lifestyle – hiking, fishing, mountain biking, trail running and rock climbing. Summer season: Mid-May to Mid-August Fall season: Mid-August to Mid-October Located 53 miles west of Fort Collins at 9,000 feet in a remote mountain valley Housing provided by the University  3 meals a day provided  Employees work a 35 – 40-hour work week with two days off each week Pay rate starts at minimum wage ($12.32 per hour) No pets are permitted No cell phone service at the Mountain Campus Hiring will be based upon experience in related work situations, living experiences, and personal interest. We believe strongly in the “team” concept and the ability of applicants to work and live well with others in our remote setting. Individuals will be selected for an interview through a screening process. Job offers will be made in the spring for summer employment and Mid-July for fall employment.  For more information, visit: https://mountaincampus.colostate.edu/