Inclusiveness & Equity Manager


Thorne Nature Experience


Boulder, CO


Thorne Mission and History: Thorne Nature Experience is a non-profit organization whose mission is to build Earth stewardship by providing youth with joyful, hands-on, place-based environmental education experiences that foster an emotional connection to nature. Founded in 1954, Thorne has a rich history and has reached more than 250,000 children and adults through its Summer Camp, School Year, and Nature for All Programs. Thorne is committed to embracing inclusivity and equity both organizationally, and with the community we work alongside.

Nature Kids/Jóvenesde la Naturaleza (NKJN) Program Description: NKJN is a collective impact project led by Thorne Nature Experience which operates in Lafayette and is expanding to Boulder in 2020. The mission of the project is to change the lives of underserved youth through connection to nature and the outdoors. There are 39 collaborating/supporting organizations who together work to remove the barriers that often keep low-income and Latino youth and their families from accessing nature and recreating outdoors. NKJN programs and capital construction projects are designed and overseen by members of the community they serve. Programming includes classroom, after school, and field trip opportunities as well as summer opportunities that range from family programming to summer camps and paid internship opportunities. Since its inception in the 2017, NKJN Lafayette has delivered more than $1 million in programming annually to 1,500 youth and their families and completed in excess of $3 million in capital construction projects.

Expectation for All Employees: Support the Thorne mission and NKJN collective impact project and exhibit a commitment to:

  • Working collaboratively, with integrity and respect for fellow employees, associates, and our communities
  • Embracing personal responsibility and accountability for your job

Job Purpose: The Inclusiveness and Equity Manager supports Thorne’s Community Partnerships Director in the implementation of Thorne’s Inclusiveness Plan and serves as lead community liaison for Thorne and Nature Kids Lafayette and Boulder programs. Boulder County low-income and Latino youth face unique barriers to accessing the outdoors; this position will strive to remove these barriers for youth and their families. Additionally, while Thorne strives to meaningfully advance DEI efforts across our organization and with our community, we have much room to grow. While our program participants are representative of the diversity within our community, our Board and staff do not reflect this diversity and we continue to develop and refine our organizational practices. This position will play a lead role in ensuring Thorne significantly advances its work in this area.

Principal Responsibilities May Include:


  • Develop, monitor, implement, and evaluate progress on Thorne’s Inclusiveness Plan
  • Organize DEI trainings for Thorne staff and Board
  • Reduce barriers to access to Thorne programs for low-income and Latino youth
  • Lead efforts to engage parents of Thorne’s low-income and Latino program participants
  • Maintain relationships with other Latino-serving organizations and Latino leaders and professionals in Boulder County

Nature Kids/Jóvenes de la Naturaleza

  • Serve as NKJN Boulder Community Liaison
  • Support and oversee NKJN Lafayette Community Liaison
  • Lead outreach, recruitment, and registration for NKJN programs
  • Lead NKJN marketing efforts including program referrals, NKJN catalog, and outreach events
  • Design and implement nature and outdoor recreation themed events for youth and families
  • Assist NKJN collaborators with reducing barriers to access to NKJN programs

Desired Outcomes:

  • Exceptional management and implementation of Thorne’s Inclusiveness Plan
  • High level of Thorne staff and Board engagement with practices related to DEI
  • Exceptional at removing barriers to accessing Thorne and NKJN programs and access to nature and the outdoors
  • Exceptional level of engagement with NKNJ collaborating/supporting organizations
  • Exceptional at developing and maintaining relationships with parents of Thorne and NKJN participants
  • Exceptional networking with community organizations and schools that serve low-income and Latino youth and families in Boulder County
  • High level of engagement and participation of families from diverse backgrounds in Thorne and NKJN family events Effective management of NKJN marketing and outreach efforts
  • High level of engagement as a member of the Thorne Nature Experience and NKJN Team

Job Interrelationships:

  • Thorne Staff and Instructors
  • School Staff (teachers, principals, and resource room facilitators)
  • NKJN Collaborating and Supporting Organizations Staff and Instructors
  • Students and Parents
  • Volunteers and Interns

General Public Desired Skills and Abilities:

  • Culturally competent with strong understanding of the needs and desires of Latino youth and families
  • Passion for nature and the outdoors
  • Strong communication skills with adults and children
  • Conversational/Proficient in Spanish
  • Proficient with MS Office suite (Word, Excel, and Outlook)
  • Good organizational skills and ability to handle multiple tasks and roles, patiently and professionally

Desired Behavioral Traits and Attitudes:

Team player, fun, outgoing, passionate, organized, creative, resourceful, critical thinker, results-oriented, and self-motivated. Passionate about Thorne’s mission and environmentally concerned and aware

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Background check and fingerprints submitted and cleared by the Colorado Department of Human Services (Thorne coordinates and pays for this)

Special Requirements:

  • Must have a driver’s license, a driving record in good standing, and a personal car with insurance and be willing to drive to and from Thorne and NKJN programs (vehicle expenses are reimbursed)
  • Must have a flexible schedule to permit for participation in NKJN programming which may occur in the evening or on weekends

Inclusiveness Statement: Thorne believes that, to remain relevant as an organization and ensure access to joyful, hands-on, place-based Environmental Education experiences for all youth, its programs, leadership, and participants must reflect the range of diversity, culture, and unique differences in our community. Anti-Discrimination Statement: Thorne Nature Experience is an equal opportunity organization. Thorne Nature Experience does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, age, national origin (ancestry), physical or mental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender variance or expression, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. This Anti-Discrimination Policy applies to, but is not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers, selection of Board Members, selection of vendors, and provision of services.