eeCorps Members

Caitlin (she/her) is an AmeriCorps member and friend to trees and bugs serving at Thorne Nature Experience in Boulder, Colorado. In 2023 she graduated with an Environmental Studies degree from Naropa University. She moved to Colorado from Buffalo, New York in 2021 to attend school and fell deeply in love with the mountains and prairies that permeate the West. Informed by her wild love for the natural and the whimsical, Caitlin is passionate about the fields of ecology, ecopsychology, and childhood education. She is curious about what it means to be human on Earth and finds joy in exploring and expanding her relationship to the more-than-human world. She feels ecstatic at the opportunity to inspire others to do the same! In alignment with Thorne’s mission, Caitlin is passionate about intuitive nature play and place-based education. She is committed to supporting little ones’ joyful connection to each other and to the land, and is grateful for the chance to grow her own sense of Earth stewardship and belonging through this work.


Haley (she/her) is serving as an AmeriCorps member in the environmental education department for Mountain Studies Institute in Durango, CO. Graduated from Fort Lewis College in spring of 2023, Haley pursued a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and public health where she focused many of her research projects on water quality. With a passion for our watersheds as well as the health of our forests, Haley is excited to work hands on with the community to share knowledge about our environment. In her free time Haley enjoys spending time outdoors paddling on the river or skiing and hiking in the mountains any chance she gets. She is looking forward supporting MSI’s mission to protect the social and natural systems of the San Juan Mountains.


Wendy (she/her) is an Americorps member serving at Colorado Canyons Association as a Natural Conservation Area (NCA) Environmental Educator in Grand Junction, CO. Wendy previously worked as an educator at the Riverside Education Center, fostering an inclusive space to recreate and learn in. Growing up in Colorado, she always had a connection to nature, whether it was hiking outside Colorado Springs or identifying plants and insects in the mountains. Time spent rock climbing, ski instructing, and connecting with the natural world inspired a growing curiosity and passion for the outdoors. As such, Wendy aims to share this connection with the environment with her community.


Rebeca (she/her) is serving as a Bilingual Environmental Educator at Bluff Lake Nature Center as part of CAEE's eeCorps Program. Rebeca graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2022, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Biology with a specialization in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior. Rebeca has always been passionate about wildlife and the outdoors as she grew up in Mexico. She has worked as a field technician in Montana and Texas, where she worked with birds and small mammals. She is excited about this new position in education and is eager to share her passion for the environment with Denver's youth. In her free time, Rebeca enjoys hiking, cooking, and relaxing.


Grace (she/her) is an AmeriCorps member serving at the Catamount Institute as an Environmental Educator. She grew up in Dayton, Ohio and has always had a passion for the outdoors. She recently moved from the Adirondack mountains of New York to Colorado Springs to explore the higher mountains. In her spare time, you can find her cuddled up with her dog, or searching for a good swimming spot. Grace is looking forward to helping the youth of Colorado build a connection with nature, and learning alongside them.


Roisin (she/her) is serving as an Environmental Educator at Bluff Lake Nature Center. Roisin graduated from Pacific University Oregon in 2023 with a BA in Political Science with a focus on conservation policy. She spends most of her free time birding at parks across Denver and telling anyone who will listen about what is around. Being from Denver, Roisin knows much about the plants, animals, and history of the area and is excited to share that knowledge with so many!


Cy Hassell (he/him) is an AmeriCorps member serving with The Nature Connection as the Generation Wild Outdoor Educator in Hotchkiss, Colorado. He is a Colorado native who considers Montrose and Glenwood Springs his two hometowns. He grew up spending most of his winters snowboarding at Sunlight Mountain and Aspen/Snowmass; as well as spending summers tubing in the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers, boogie boarding in the Glenwood Whitewater Park, fishing and golfing. After high school, he moved to the Greeley/Fort Collins area, where he graduated with his Asscociate's Degree in Audio Production from Aims Communinty College. He spends his time skateboarding, snowboarding, disc golfing, hiking, biking and camping these days. He is thrilled to share his appreciation for nature and the outdoors this year.


Katie (she/her) is serving at CSU Spur as an Education Associate. Having grown up in Colorado, a passion for sustainability came naturally. This passion was only fostered during her studies at Santa Clara University where she studied environmental ethics. After graduating and returning to Colorado, she has spent as much time as possible enjoying the beauty of her home state. Whether it be backpacking, rock climbing, or playing in the river, she can rarely be found indoors. Katie is stoked to be able to share her love for the planet. She is excited to join such an amazing community at CSU Spur.


Nilam (she/her) is an AmeriCorps member serving with The Nature Connection as the Generation Wild Outdoor Educator in Hotchkiss, Colorado. Working in a few nursing homes after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, CO, she returned to her hometown and continued her enthusiasm for the various activities that the outdoors has to offer. She is looking forward to sharing the connection between education and the outdoors. In her free time she enjoys cooking, reading and working out.


Veronica Cruz (she/her) is serving as an Environmental Educator at Bluff Lake Nature Center. She grew up in Tampa, Florida, where she cultivated a passion for eco-friendly behavior at a young age. While studying at the University of Florida, she studied abroad in Queensland, Australia, conducting research about native species and koala populations while broadening her cultural and climate change perspectives. Veronica graduated from UF with a B.A. in English and minor in Sustainability Studies in 2022 and she is excited to help foster positive experiences with nature during her time at Bluff Lake. Outside of environmental advocacy, she can be found shopping for vintage clothing, cooking a meal from scratch, or at the movie theater.


Johanna (she/her) is serving with River Watch in Denver, CO as an Outreach Coordinator. She grew up in Lakewood, Colorado and recently graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and International Affairs with minors in Spanish and Leadership Studies. Living in close proximity to the beautiful Rocky Mountains inspired her love for the outdoors and her passion for working towards a more sustainable future for Colorado. Johanna has spent the past three summers working as a river guide, and she also enjoys hiking, skiing, and traveling. Drawing from these experiences, Johanna is excited to continue to share her love for the environment with others by leading water quality data collection and building an environmental education curriculum with River Watch. She also looks forward to learning more about water conservation and sustainability through her service with the eeCorps.


Micah (he/him) is serving as the Food System Education Program Assistant with the Boulder Valley School District. He is looking forward to supporting local food systems and encouraging environmental awareness! Micah grew up in the Mojave Desert and gained a love for nature through exploring the diverse ecosystems of California. He has a Environmental Science and Policy from Southern Oregon University and a graduate certificate in Environmental Policy and Management from CU Denver. Micah can often be found going on nature walks, reading, puzzling, thrifting, or hanging out with his cat Nova.


Kelsi (she/her) is serving as an Environmental Educator at the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies in Brighton, CO. She is from eastern Iowa, where camping trips and boat rides along the Mississippi River shaped much of her childhood and fostered a love for the outdoors. Kelsi followed this affinity for nature in higher education and has both a bachelor's and master's degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration from Western Illinois University. She served as an AmeriCorps Environmental Educator while in school, worked as a Watershed Coordinator after, and recently taught in New England as a Traveling Outdoor Educator. In her free time, Kelsi enjoys exploring new trails, biking around town, making friendship bracelets, and of course, birding (with her fellow bird-loving pup, Sadie). She is excited to continue connecting kids with the outdoors while also learning more about Colorado ecosystems!


Rosie DeVito (she/her) is serving as a Nature Educator at Wild Bear Nature Center in Nederland, Colorado. She grew up on Long Island, New York and graduated from Salisbury University on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 2022 with degrees in Biology and Environmental Science, where her passion for environmental education sparked from her love of wildlife & eagerness to protect natural habitats. After spending much of her life near the beach, the mountains have always called her & she is thrilled to be exploring and educating about a new type of ecosystem! She aims to spark a joy for nature for the kids and foster a willingness to be connected to the world around them. In her free time, Rosie enjoys running, reading, and creating art in many capacities- through food, fiber, and music.


Maddy (she/her) is an AmeriCorps member serving at Cherry Creek State Park. She grew up in New Hampshire and graduated from Ithaca College in 2022. Maddy spent a year working on a trail crew in California where she lived out of a tent most days and explored the backcountry of the Sierra Mountains and Mojave Desert. Her continued wanderlust brought her to Colorado where she hopes explore the Rockies and learn about all the insects that live there.


Audrey (she/her) is serving as an Environmental Educator at Denver Audubon as part of CAEE's eeCorps Program. In May 2023 she graduated with an M.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley, where her thesis research focused on understanding the impact of reforestation efforts on wildlife. She fell in love with birds and nature while serving in the Peace Corps in Tanzania from 2014-2016. She has been an avid birder ever since, helping with bird banding, bird surveys, and guiding at the Rio Grande Valley Birding festival. She looks forward to sharing her love of birds and the outdoors with others through the Denver Audubon.


Growing up wandering around the coastal wetlands and creeks of Massachusetts, Ryon (he/him) started life with an appreciation for the incredible connections to nature riparian ecosystems create. As an AmeriCorps member with The Greenway Foundation he hopes to share that joy with a new generation of explorers. In his free time Ryon enjoys exploring new climbing areas in the front range, seeking out fun foreign films and chipping away at his backlog of home cooking experiments.


Isaiah (he/him) is an AmeriCorps member, serving as an Environmental educator in Colorado Springs with the Catamount Institute. He graduated from George Washington University in 2022, with a degree in International Affairs, concentrating in Environmental Science. He has worked as a land steward and nature camp counselor in Indiana, and through this experience discovered that he had a passion for community outreach. While he grew up in the flatlands of the Midwest, his family brought him many times to the mountains of Colorado, where his bond with nature strengthened. In his spare time, you can find him going on hikes and runs, experimenting in the kitchen and playing tabletop games. He is looking forward to teaching about sustainable living, spouting interesting facts about animals and geography and cultivating an appreciation for conservation efforts.


Kallan (she/her) is serving as an AmeriCorps member teaching environmental education for CSU Spur in Denver, CO. Having graduated from Susquehanna University in May 2023, she pursued a bachelor's in environmental studies and sustainable management. During her time, she interned as a Museum Assistant and studied abroad in the Galapagos Islands. After graduating, she worked as Scientist for Eurofins in Lancaster, PA on cell culture. With an interest in public speaking and environmental education, Kallan is stoked to combine her past experience from all three in her new role. As an east coast native, Kallan is excited to live and work out west. In her free time, she enjoys reading on her Kindle, running, and enjoying the great outdoors. She is eager to connect with the younger generation and make meaningful connections throughout CAEE and the city of Denver!