Landscape Analysis of Environmental and Outdoor Learning in Colorado

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Gardens, zoos, nature centers, and other nonformal sites of environmental and outdoor learning are like charging stations that can power up learning. Some people benefit from high-wattage areas that provide lots of energizing opportunities, while others have very little to plug into. A patchy and unreliable grid means our environmental and outdoor learning system is not as strong as it could be.  In order to rewire it to eliminate dead zones and boost learning outcomes for everyone, CAEE is embarking on a comprehensive statewide landscape analysis to understand and work towards eliminating the gaps in programs and opportunities across the state.

Through surveys, the analysis will gather data from environmental and outdoor learning providers in Colorado and five other states in the region. In fall of 2023, the data collected will be shared in a comprehensive analysis of environmental education offerings in the region, along with the gaps and barriers that exist in non-formal settings for students of all ages. These findings will also help provide opportunities for schools and other partners to collaborate with service providers to advance collective efforts toward environmental literacy.


We would like to invite YOU and other environmental and outdoor learning program and service providers to participate in this project by filling out the survey.  Environmental and outdoor learning providers received an invitation to participate in the survey.  (Only one representative per organization needs to complete and submit the survey).  

Organizations that respond will be listed as part of a state and regional directory of environmental education programs and services. This analysis will take a comprehensive look at the scope of environmental education offerings available, trends in the field, and operational shifts. 

Questions relate to organizational operations, audiences served, programming themes, and services to better understand environmental and outdoor learning in the region. This survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. 

This landscape analysis is a partnership of the following organizations:

Iowa Conservation Education Coalition
Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education Logo
Missouri Environmental Education Association
Nebraska Alliance for Conservation and Environmental Education
Wyoming Alliance for Environmental Education

This Project is supported by:

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Denver Foundation Environmental Affinity Group