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Are you looking to re-vamp your eeEvaluation?  Improve your grant writing? Tell a better story about the impact your work is having?

It all starts with Identifying Outcomes!

eeEvaluation Resources     Professional Development Opportunities

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Why Focus on Impact?

Environmental and outdoor learning has a powerful story to be told, but traditional ways of doing so have often fallen short of demonstrating individual and community impact.  Without being able to effectively tell and share this story of impact, the field has often struggled to secure both financial and policy-based support.  As a result, far too many communities go without access to quality EE initiatives to help improve the lives of individuals and their community.

CAEE has been working with Point b(e) Strategies and practitioners around the state to understand what outcomes eeOrganizations and educators most want to measure and compile tools to help YOU measure your impact and tell your story.  The eeEvaluation tools selected focus on impact rather than process.  You may want to consider adding additional components to your evaluation to support program improvement.

Find the eeEvaluation Resources and Training you Need!

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Explore Self-Guided Resources

Explore five different modules to take you to the next step in your evaluation journey.  You can find information and tools to help you identify outcomes, design an eeEvaluation, select evaluation tools, or tell your story with data.  


Collective Outcomes Workshop Series

This virtual series will not only walk you through the process of evaluation, but provide you with a variety of evaluation tools that you can use immediately and opportunities to discuss evaluation with peers. 

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eeCourse: Collective Outcomes Evaluation

Learn on your own time. Through this self-paced course you will learn the process of evaluation and explore a variety of tools that you can use immediately and get feedback from a course moderator along the way. 

eeEvaluation Resources

Identifying Outcomes

Get to know the collective outcomes and how they align to your work! Consider culturally responsive evaluation values.

Designing your eeEvaluation

Develop a clear understanding of your programs by articulating a theory of change and developing a logic model.

Finding eeEvaluation Tools

Find publicly accessible tools available for free online to evaluate your impacts in conservation, education, positive youth development, social justice, and health and wellness.

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Telling your Story (with Data)

Prepare and analyze quantitative and qualitative data. Learn strategies for telling a more effective story about environmental education and your work in the five Colorado Collective Outcome areas. 

Grounding in Research and Data

Searching for research to make the case for your program?  Need additional data to tell your story? Dig deeper into each of the collective outcome areas in this report.