Sponsoring the Advancing Environmental Education Conference

We believe, together we can do more. Environmental and outdoor education experiences are like charging stations that power up learning and enhance skills that will help Coloradans care for our world and sustain it for future generations. The educators who build these experiences require strong supports, just as those engaged in a construction project require scaffolding to do their job efficiently and well. For environmental and outdoor educators, opportunities for professional development, generating and sharing new ideas, and community support are essential to be effective. When you support our outdoor and environmental educators through events like the Colorado Advancing Environmental Education Conference, they can provide the types of integrated learning experiences that prepare our society for whatever the future brings.

Benefits of Sponsorship

We anticipate that approximately 200 formal and nonformal educators from across the state of Colorado will be in attendance. Our conference attendees are educated consumers who are happy to support green companies and industry and educational organizations. We have a growing membership and network of more than 3,500 individuals and organizations across the state. By underwriting these important events, you will help offset costs, reduce registration fees, and provide scholarships for educators. Learn more about the specific benefits of sponsorship in our Sponsorship Packet.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure recognition at the event, we strongly suggest sponsors notify CAEE of their interest by August 11th, 2023 by either submitting your sponsorship online or contact CAEE at [email protected].  

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In-Kind Contributions

In-kind donations provide important support to make our annual conference successful.  Below are examples of in-kind donations.  If you are interested in contributing in-kind, please email [email protected]  Note:  In-kind donations will receive sponsorship benefits for the value of donations.

  • Donation of alcohol (including beer, wine and spirits) for the Friday Evening Celebration.
  • Donation of give-away Items for conference participants or presenters.
  • Donation of design/printing for event materials.


Reach over 200 conference participants by placing a digital advertisement in the conference promotional program!  The deadline to request an advertisement and submit your digital ad image is August 11th, 2023.  The cost of advertisements are:  

  • 1/2 page black & white:  $300 (1/2 page Horizontal:  7.5"w x 4.5"h) (1/2 page vertical:  3.5"w x 10"h)
  • 1/4 page black & white:  $200 (3.5"w x 5"h)
  • Business card size black & white: $100 (3.5"w x 2"h)
  • Please email your advertisement image (as a JPEG, GIF, or PNG) to CAEE at [email protected] by August 11th, 2023.

Click here to submit your advertisement request and payment.

 Please email your advertisement image to CAEE at [email protected] by August 11th, 2023.