COVID-19 Resources

Right now, collaboration and resource sharing is more important than ever!   We have an opportunity to demonstrate how environmental education can be incredibly relevant and important for our communities and build relationships that will last long into the future.  Collaboration can also be the best means to ensure the health of our organizations and our teams. 

This is a call for action!  Now is not a time to be duplicating effort.  We encourage you, if you are not already doing so, to reach out to like minded organizations, social service providers, local governments, and your school districts to understand how you can collaborate for the benefit of your community as well as the benefit of your organization and its people.  CAEE is eager to learn from your local successes and share them with others throughout the state! Based on our conversations with national leaders, members, and through our community check-in virtual calls, this is how we are planning on moving forward.  This may not be a perfect plan of action and we will continue to revise our efforts as we better understand the needs developing.

Use the links below to find additional resources: