July Webinar: How Can EE Help Establish a "New Normal" Coming out of the COVID Crisis?

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How Can EE Help Establish a "New Normal" Coming out of the COVID Crisis?
A case study from Lafayette and discussion of this important question

During this disrupted period of the Coronavirus epidemic, there is both need and opportunity to shift our thinking to address troubling environmental trends. The phrase “new normal” has been bandied about by people in all walks of life, sometimes pessimistically but often with an optimistic tone. Join Lafayette Open Space Superintendent, Rob Burdine, and Education Coordinator, Martin Ogle, for this webinar which will feature a brief program on Lafayette’s “New Outdoors Movement” followed by discussion on how EE can help establish healthy “new normal.”

Currently, as in many communities, there are many more people spending time outside than ever before.  The “New Outdoor Movement” seeks to help our community rediscover the outdoors in ways that ensure that we continue to spend a lot more time outdoors even when other options of life start to open back up. We are and will continue to tout the health benefits, improvements in attention, and other advantages that the EE profession has been pointing out for many years. But, we are also working to reveal the outdoor experience as a necessary part of moving to a sustainable world through two explicit messages (and commensurate content):  1) being outdoors helps nurture an “environmentally literate citizenry” in service of Lafayette’s ambitious climate goals; and 2) understand how living systems work and how human systems fit in can be applied to how we envision, create and change careers of the future.  (This “ALL Careers approach” encourages young people (but those of any age) to apply knowledge to any career they might be considering, not just those currently thought of as “environmental careers”). 

The presentation will be short (about 25 minutes) and the rest of the webinar will be devoted to exploring new opportunities for EE to help establish healthy new normals for our world.  How do we make EE most relevant to 21st century challenges?  So, bring your own thoughts, examples and experiences and share them with others!

July 23rd, 2020 11:00 AM through 12:00 PM
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