eeEvaluation Fellowship

Are you looking to build your evaluation skill through shared learning? Apply to participate in our new eeEvaluation Fellowship to build or enhance evaluation practices at your organization.

Environmental and outdoor learning has a powerful story to be told, but traditional ways of doing so have often fallen short of demonstrating individual and community impact.  

In 2022, the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education and Point b(e) Strategies will be hosting an opportunity for practitioners in environmental and outdoor learning in Colorado to come together in a learning and networking focused eeEvaluation Fellowship to provide participating organizations with the tools and support to measure key indicators in conservation, K-12 education, positive youth development, social justice, and health and wellness and provide opportunities for peer learning to navigate evaluation challenges.

Goals of the Fellowship

Participants in the Colorado EE Evaluation Fellowship will:

  • Increase their knowledge and skill in evaluation
  • Build a network of peers who are using Colorado’s Collective Outcomes to evaluate their programs
  • Develop/modify and conduct an evaluation of an EE program using Colorado’s Collective Outcomes
  • Participate and contribute data to a collective EE evaluation to build support for environmental and outdoor learning.


Selected Organizations

  • Participate in one-three-hour training to align your organization’s programming with the Colorado Collective Outcomes and develop or modify your evaluation plan on August 25th from 1pm-4pm
  • Participate in 4 Peer Learning Sessions to navigate and explore evaluation challenges
  • Commit to participation by 1-2 members of your team
  • Demonstrate commitment of organizational leadership support to conduct evaluation and contribute data to collective report
  • Collect data according to customized evaluation plan from September 2022-May 2023

Collective Outcomes Team Support:

  • Provide semi-customized survey tools that can be used by your organization
  • Facilitate Evaluation Training Workshop
  • Facilitate four peer learning sessions
  • Offer up to 2 hours of evaluation and coaching support for data collection and analysis
  • Provide Final Collective Report on the Outcomes in June 2023

Program Activities and Timeline

May-August 8th: Applications for participating will be accepted.

August 25th from 1-4pm: Point b(e) Strategies will onboard Fellows with a three-hour virtual training which will provide participants with an overview of COCO. This training will ground all Fellows in common evaluation language and terminology.

September 2022- May 2023. Fellows will participate in four peer learning circles to dive deeper into evaluation topics and complexities related to embedding evaluation into environmental education programming. Fellows will engage in readings and other evaluation activities to further develop knowledge and shared learning. As part of the Fellowship, Fellows will commit to incorporating data collection methods to gather data related to the Colorado Collective Outcomes Project. Fellows will collect data during the Fellowship and use the learning circles to explore how to improve strategies and enhance evaluations.

  • Peer Learning Session #1:  Friday, September 30th, 2022 from 9-11am
  • Peer Learning Session #2: Thursday, November 10th, 2022 from 9-11am
  • Peer Learning Session #3:  Thursday, February 2nd, 2023 from 9-11am
  • Peer Learning Session #4:  Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023 from 9-11am

May 2023:  Fellows will provide data to Point b(e) Strategies.

June 2023: Point b(e) Strategies will analyze the data and prepare a collective report based on data from all participating organizations.

Target Audience and Other Considerations

The  eeEvaluation Fellowship seeks to engage individuals with some knowledge of evaluation and currently utilizing evaluation in environmental education programs, and who are looking to expand and enhance their organization’s evaluations through collaborative learning with others. Organizations are encouraged to send up to two staff members to participate together in this Fellowship.

The cost to participate in the Fellowship is $150 per member organization/ $250 nonmembers. Scholarships are available. Participating organizations agree to allow CAEE and Point b(e) Strategies to use the data for collective outcomes evaluation reports. All data will be deidentified and results will be reported out in aggregate (with all other participating organizations.)

To Apply

Complete the Application by August 8th.  Download additional information about the program.

Complete Application.



August 25th, 2022 1:00 PM through  4:00 PM
Phone: 303-273-9527 ext. 1