About CAEE

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Colorado’s future depends on people knowing and caring about the natural world. 

As an environmental and outdoor educator, YOU provide people with the tools to develop those connections and to grow into the citizens and leaders we need for a safe and healthy future. 

Since 1989, the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education has been here to support YOU in providing and championing environmental and outdoor learning across our beautiful state.  

We are your advocates for training, funding, and support in the fight for access to quality environmental and outdoor learning opportunities for all Coloradans.  

Our Vision

All Coloradans understand and take actions to support the interconnected wellbeing of people and nature.

Our Mission

To advance environmental and outdoor learning in Colorado.

Our Values

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Individual efforts are strengthened when we work together to advance environmental and outdoor learning.

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Equity and Inclusion

Equitable access to environmental and outdoor learning resources and opportunities is critical. We embrace all diversity and celebrate our differences to drive excellence and social progress.

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We build relationships throughout our community and with nature to create the bonds that allow for advancing our collective goals.

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We foster leadership to enable individuals to make their optimal contribution to advancing environmental and outdoor learning.

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We focus on the essential outcomes and impact of our work, both measurable and immeasurable.

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Living Our Values

Learn more about how we live our values through our Ways of Being.

You can amplify your impact and get involved in the network by:

  • Building your skills and your organizational excellence by participating in professional learning.  Get access to best practices, knowledge and current trends
  • Making connections with other environmental and outdoor educators.  Multiply your individual impact by working together.
  • Amplifying your voice as part of a network.  We can champion environmental and outdoor learning on your behalf with decision-makers at all levels.  Together, we can advance policy, practice and equity.  

CAEE’s influence comes from the power of our network of over 850 educators.

Our network is key to taking environmental and outdoor learning to scale in Colorado. Together, we share learnings, approaches and advocate as a group for widespread adoption of EE. But we can’t do it without YOU!

A Diverse Network

Members, like you, make up an extensive circuitry of programs, initiatives, and supports to energize the field. Our members:

  • Cover virtually every subject discipline from anthropology to zoology.  
  • Work with learners across the lifespan: early childhood educators, elementary and high school teachers, camp counselors, and university professors.  
  • Are the faces of many types of organizations from after-school programs to state and federal agencies.  
  • Some of our members are what we all tend to picture as “teachers,” but they also might be naturalists, scientists, park rangers and many others.  

CAEE works to ensure everyone in Colorado has an opportunity to learn about the environment where they live. We value inclusiveness and welcome everyone to the field of environmental education.

Check out our Organizational Member Directory for a map and list of current organizational members.

Become a Member

Being a member of CAEE connects you and your organization to other environmental education partners throughout the state and country. Together, we can have more influence than we can as individual units.

NAAEE Affiliate Logo

CAEE is proud to serve as the Colorado affiliate of the North America Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). 

NAAEE and its 57 affiliate organizations form the largest network of environmental educators in the country, connecting us to 150,000 educators annually.  Together, we are a driving force for creating a more environmentally literate community through education. Learn More.  

CAEE has adopted the National Guidelines for Excellence in Environmental Education, established by NAAEE to guide the development of balanced, scientifically accurate, and comprehensive environmental education programs.  Learn More.

Learn More about Our Work Together