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Connecting Environmental Education to Standards

Are you looking to strengthen and align your programming to state educational standards?  Watch a webinar that discusses how environmental and outdoor education programs can support and enhance standards based curriculum and activities being taught both in and outside the classroom.  During the webinar, we will:  

  • Provide the basics on how to navigate the Colorado State Academic Standards, Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. 
  • Identify tools to help you correlate programs and lessons to academic standards to better speak to the teachers you serve.
  • Share information about available environmental education curriculum guidelines and resources.

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Weaving Community Needs with Environmental Education

How do we create partnerships that advance both community and environmental needs? Hear the stories of successful community partnerships that bring together non-traditional partners to create healthy communities and environments.

Participants at the Colorado Advancing Environmental Education Conference in 2016 engaged in discussion to generate ideas and recommendations to advance EE through community weaving partnerships.  Watch now.






Community Weaving Webinar Series:

  • Re-Characterizing EE: Practices for Weaving Community Needs with EE - Watch Here
  • Youth Voice in Environmental Education - Watch Here
  • Measuring the Strength of Partnerships - Watch Here. 

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Environmental Education in the 21st Century: Navigating in a Shifting Landscape

Presented by: Diane Wood, President

National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF)


With increasing complexity of environmental issues, changing U.S. demographics, rapid advances in technology, and increased polarization, now is the time to ask ourselves; are we responding to the evolving landscape? Are we taking time to step out of our comfort zones?  Watch Diane Wood's (President of the National Environmental Education Foundation) Keynote address at Colorado's Advancing Environmental Education Conference on March 18, 2016.

Watch now.


Diane Wood is President of the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), an organization connecting people to environmental education they can use to improve their lives and the health of the planet. Prior to NEEF, Ms. Wood worked for World Wildlife Fund for 18 years in executive capacities. As a Peace Corps volunteer, she developed national environmental education programs for Paraguay and co-authored “Conservation Education: A Planning Guide.” She served a 10-year Presidential appointment to the Enterprise for the Americas Initiative board and is currently an Advisory Board Member of American University’s Center for Environmental Policy. Ms. Wood has a Masters in Science and Environmental Education from Cornell University.




Co-Creating the Future of Environmental Education 

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The environment is where we live.  As educators and education providers we ensure that Coloradans can learn about the environment and our relationship to it throughout life- at home, school, work and play.  EE happens for all kinds of audiences, in all kinds of settings, and for a wide variety of outcomes. 

Use the graphic below, created by Lydia Hooper, to watch special guests in our “non-panel” panel discuss the spectrum of environmental education, why it matters, and visions for the future from a variety of lenses.  Think about you can help co-create the future of environmental education.  View the speakers from the 2015 Advancing Environmental Education conference by clicking on the icons below.  Watch in order or watch your favorite speakers from the event.


Geo sapiens:  The Earth-Wise Environmental Educator 

Speaker: Martin Ogle, Founder, Entrepreneurial Earth LLC

Click here to view Martin's conference keynote 

How does the intersection of scientific and cultural understandings of Earth and human society contribute to environmental education? Martin Ogle shares interdisciplinary approaches to EE as well as new perspectives on entrepreneurship and creativity that emerge from being Earth-wise humans.

Martin Ogle is founder of Entrepreneurial Earth LLC, helping organizations engage innate human creativity to envision and implement sustainable ways of working and living.  Martin was Chief Naturalist for the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority 1985-2012. In Virginia, he served on a variety of boards and citizen groups related to energy, sustainability and environment.  Since 1990, he has promoted the understanding of the “Gaia Paradigm” as an integrating concept.  Martin holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Wildlife Biology from Colorado State University and Virginia Tech, respectively.  He and his wife, Lisa, and his twins, Cyrus and Linnea, live in Louisville, Colorado.

CAEE works to ensure everyone in Colorado has an opportunity to learn about the environment where they live. We value inclusiveness and welcome everyone to the field of environmental education.

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