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CAEE is working with other state EE associations around the country to make EE a national priority.  Several of the bills we have been working on include:


No Child Left Inside

The purpose of the No Child Left Inside (NCLI) Act is to support and enhance environmental education in our nation’s elementary and secondary schools. The bill:

  • Provides federal funding to states to train teachers in environmental education and to operate model environmental education programs, which include outdoor learning.
  • Provides funding to states that create environmental literacy plans to ensure that high school graduates are environmentally literate.
  • Provides funding through an environmental education grant program to build state and national capacity.

To find out the latest progress on the No Child Left Inside Act visit

Get Involved

The No Child Left Inside Act was reintroduced in July 2011 by Representative Sarbanes (Maryland) and Senator Reed (Rhode Island).  As of August 2011 both Senator Bennet and Representative Polis from Colorado are co-sponsors.  Thank Senator Bennet and Representative Polis for their support and encourage your Congresspeople to co-sponsor this important piece of legislation!  

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National Environmental Education Act

The National Environmental Education Act was first passed in 1990 to renew the federal role in environmental education and establish an Office of Environmental Education within EPA.   The National Environmental Education Reauthorization Act contains a number of revisions that would strengthen and modernize the NEEA and build on environmental literacy efforts.  The act also fund the Environmental Education Grant Program through the EPA and seeks to restore full funding which has not been authorized in several years.  Representative Jared Polis (CO) is the sponsor of the bill.

To find out more visit Jared Polis' website or The North American Association for Environmental Education.

CAEE works to ensure everyone in Colorado has an opportunity to learn about the environment where they live. We value inclusiveness and welcome everyone to the field of environmental education.

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