Donating to CAEE

There are many ways to give to CAEE!

On behalf of the CAEE Board of Directors and staff, we thank all those who support CAEE - both with their invaluable time and energy and through monetary support.

Supporting CAEE is encouraging education about the environment in your community.  As a CAEE member you are helping to build a stronger future for Colorado’s diverse communities by encouraging the development of an environmentally literate and active citizenry.  CAEE supporters are working to increase the quality and effectiveness of unbiased, inclusive environmental education efforts while building a network of individuals, schools, organizations, agencies, and corporations who are committed to the health and quality of life for all Coloradoans.

You can Donate to CAEE in the following ways:

Support CAEE's Core Programs

Make a donation to advance environmental education by supporting CAEE's core programs, like professional development, resource review, or building support for environmental education with leaders and decision makers.  General funds are essential for CAEE.  With administrative costs below 13 percent, we use your investment wisely to support the many needs of the organization.  Consider online giving, which is fast, easy, and safe, as well as saving CAEE time and money.

Donate now through Giving First

Use Community First Foundation's online giving program - to pay by credit card.  Just type 'CAEE' in the organization search box.  Community First Foundation will pay all credit card fees, so 100% of your donation will help support the mission of CAEE.

Donate through

Donate now through CAEE's Online Giving Page
Use CAEE's online giving page to pay by credit card.  Donations will automatically be tracked in your member profile- allowing you to access your giving history supporting environmental education in Colorado at any time. 

Donate Now Online

Send your check payable to:
1536 Wynkoop St. Suite 314
Denver, CO 80202

Make a Vehicle Donation
Consider donating your vehicle through the Vehicle Donations website ~ V-Dac or call 877-999-8322

Event Sponsorships

Demonstrate your support of environmental education by underwriting one or several of CAEE’s annual events, such as Colorado's Advancing Environmental Education Conference (also known as Teaching OUTSIDE the Box)and the Awards for Excellence in Environmental Education Banquet.  Your cash and/or in-kind donation helps offset staff costs, reduce registration fees, and provide scholarships for educators while making your support for environmental literacy in Colorado known.  Recognition for your sponsorship takes many and varied forms including acknowledgement at events, in our Donor News and Annual Report, advertisement in specific event programs, thank you in electronic media, and complimentary options for each event. Contact CAEE to discuss and design your event sponsorship strategy.  Download Sponsorship Opportunities for 2016.

Become a Sponsor

Legacy Fund Endowment

The CAEE Legacy Fund Endowment provides a stable and sustainable future for CAEE by ensuring:

  • stability for continuing to improve and expand our work
  • flexibility to meet the needs of the environmental education field
  • permanent funding that is not subject to changing grant priorities

We all know the demands being placed on our local and global environments, as well as the demands being placed on our formal and non-formal educational systems.  We can no longer afford to treat environmental education or CAEE as optional.  CAEE has been supporting quality environmental education for over 20 years; and the CAEE Legacy Fund Endowment is ensuring CAEE is here 20 years from now, and then another 20 years, and so on.

Your CAEE Legacy
We invite you to become a member of the CAEE Legacy Fund Endowment - your opportunity to support a legacy for CAEE.  As part of an endowment, your donation keeps on giving to CAEE, in the form of interest forever. 

For example, a gift of $5,000 a year for two years (total of $10,000), which is invested in an account, conservatively, will earn 5 percent interest.  This annual interest equals $500 a year forever.  That’s enough funding to support the professional development series, sustain the awards program, or maintain CAEE’s online information clearinghouse, forever!

Thank You
We are so grateful and happy for your support to help CAEE reach our true potential. Your donation will be recognized by level in EE-InfoLink (CAEE’s online newsletter).  We will also recognize your generosity in the Donor News and in our Annual Report.  If you prefer that your gift is not recognized, please let us know.

Levels of Giving
Consider becoming a member for the endowment at these levels or determine the right-size gift for you.
Bronze Level: $500/year for 2 years
Silver Level: $1,000/year for 2 years
Gold Level:  $2,500/year for 2 years
Platinum Level: $5,000/year for 2 years

Donate Now to CAEE Legacy Fund Endowment
Online Donation Webpage

~OR~ Send your check payable to:
1536 Wynkoop St. Suite 314

Denver, CO 80202

Planned Giving

Link your name permanently with CAEE by adding CAEE to your will.  A gift by will or bequest is completely deductible for estate tax purposes.  Be sure to consult your attorney when drawing up or revising your will ensuring your intentions are carried out properly.  Then be sure to inform us you have named CAEE in your will.  Sample bequest language is provided below: 

Residual Bequest - This grants the residue, or portion of the residue, of your estate to CAEE after explicit bequests have been made.  "I give to Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education, a non-profit organization located at 15260 South Golden Road, Golden, Colorado  80401, all (or ____ %) of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, both real and personal property of whatever kind and wheresoever situated."

Specific Bequest – This is for a stated dollar amount or specific securities.  "I give to Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education, a non-profit organization located at 15260 South Golden Road, Golden, Colorado  80401, the sum of ____ dollars (or describe the specific property or security you intend to give)."


What is Planned Giving? 
Planned Giving is a way for you to provide donations to a charity in a manner that is tax preferred to you and your estate.  What sets Planned Giving apart from a regular charitable contribution is that the actual contribution occurs some time in the future.  Today, you are deciding how and when that contribution will be made.

Why is Planned Giving Important?
Charities are facing a great decline in the amount of government funding available for the worthy causes that need to be supported.  By planning in advance how you will support your charity, the charity can plan ahead for the future.

What are the benefits of Planned Giving?
Besides the direct benefit to your charity of choice, the benefit to you is usually a reduction in income taxes.  Planned Giving can be used to reduce your current and future income taxes, much like a regular charitable contribution.  Quite often this gift is used by your estate trustee to reduce or eliminate your final tax burden.

How can I establish a Planned Giving Program?
This webpage provides information about some basic strategies you can use to help you decide how best to give to the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education.  These are introduced in plain language to help you understand the concept of how and why they work.  There are endless variations for how you can implement a strategy that is tailored to your unique situation.


Charitable Bequests
A bequest is any gift of an asset made through a will.  A common strategy is simply naming the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education as a beneficiary of either a specific dollar amount or a fraction of the residual portion of your estate.  The benefit to you is that the full dollar amount donated qualifies as a charitable donation, which can be used to offset the taxes on your estate. 

Charitable Remainder Trust
A charitable remainder trust is any trust, inter vivos or testamentary, where all or a portion of the assets are distributed to the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education at the termination of the trust.  The trust must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for a Donation Receipt at the time the trust is established.  One of the most important criteria is that the trust must be irrevocable.

The general idea is that assets are transferred to the trust so the assets can generate income, which is paid back to the donor (the income interest) over their lifetime.  The Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education receives whatever is left in the trust at the end of the trust's life (the residual interest) and the donor will receive the income.

Assets transferred to the trust result in the donor triggering capital gains, but at an amount reduced by the present value of the residual interest provided to the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education.  The donation receipt is also reduced by an equivalent amount and this accounts for the income interest the donor will receive.

The net effect is that assets with accrued capital gains can be transferred to the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education with a splitting of the capital gains between the donor and the trust.  The donor will maintain a life-time interest in the future income generated by the trust's assets.  Future capital gains will not accrue back to the donor and will be exempt from taxes because the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education is tax-exempt.

Each situation is unique and a thorough evaluation needs to be completed in order to determine if any specific strategy makes sense for both the donor and the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education.  Of course, one of the main reasons for establishing a charitable remainder trust is to leave a lasting legacy to the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education while reducing taxes.

Gifts of Life Insurance
Gifts of life insurance are one of the most effective ways to give to the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education.  We will benefit directly from the eventual proceeds of your insurance policy, while you have the choice of when you will benefit from the tax-deductible charitable contribution.  Of course you must first qualify for the insurance coverage and be committed to the long-term nature of this estate planning strategy.

Many people are not that concerned about the taxes paid by their estate and worry more about the taxes they pay on their income today.  By naming the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education as the beneficiary and owner of your policy you can elect to receive a donation receipt for the full value of the premiums you pay today.

If you are less concerned about your current tax bill and more worried about the taxable value of assets in your estate then you simply decide not to use the premiums as donations today by retaining ownership of the policy.  When the death benefit is finally paid to the charity then a donation receipt for the full value of the death benefit is deductible by your estate.

Thank You
The Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education wishes to thank you for your interest in helping to support environmental education in Colorado.  With dedicated donors such as you we can all make a difference and help ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn about the world around them and experience quality environmental education.

In order to find out more about Planned Giving and how you can help, please call our office at 303-273-9527.

This information is produced for friends of the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education and although the information contained herein derives from reliable and professional sources, we encourage you to confer with your own legal and financial counsel in the development of your estate planning.  The Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education and its employees and agents assume no responsibility for damages, errors, or omissions related to this published material.

CAEE works to ensure everyone in Colorado has an opportunity to learn about the environment where they live. We value inclusiveness and welcome everyone to the field of environmental education.

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