Outstanding Retiring Environmental Educator Recognition

Do you know of an outstanding environmental educator who has retired (or is retiring) from their professional role in education, and whose contributions to the field of environmental education deserve recognition?  Are you such an educator? 

If so, please nominate him/her - or yourself - for the Recognition for Outstanding Retired Environmental Educators! To be considered for this recognition, the nominee must have been an environmental educator (i.e., at any grade level, formal or non-formal, volunteer) for at least five years in EE, plan to retire within one year or be three years or less beyond retirement, and have made a significant contribution to environmental education during his/her career.  Self-nominations or by peers accepted.

Nomination Materials:

STEP 1: Nomination Entry Form:  Download and complete the Retiring Educator Award Nomination Form

STEP 2: Nomination Narrative: Please submit a word document via email (no PDF) that is 500 words, with no less than 11-point font that includes a summary of the nominee's career and a list of the nominee’s relevant professional memberships, certifications, and/or affiliations.  Please highlight the nominee’s significant accomplishments and contributions to environmental education.

STEP 3: Photographs & Organization Logo: Please send three high-resolution photographs (300 dpi or higher- JPEG, GIF, PNG format) of the nominee. Please also attach a high resolution logo of the nominee's organization. Images embedded in a PDF page or Word document page will NOT work! If the size of the photos and logo are very large, please consider share these items through a file sharing program such as dropbox, google drive, etc.

Recognition Details:

  • Nominations will be reviewed by CAEE's award selection committee.
  • Recipients will receive a one-year individual membership to CAEE, a certificate, and recognition in on CAEE's website, and at CAEE’s annual Awards Celebration.
  • Self- or peer-nominations are acceptable.  All nominees who meet the criteria will receive recognition.

Submitting your Nomination


The nomination will be evaluated on the information you provide and its completeness, legibility, and clarity. 

  • In the email subject line, please type the nominee's name and Retiring Educator Award.
  • Please name your attachments as follows:  Nominee Name-Retiring Educator-Material Type (materials type examples: Entry Form; Narrative; Photo 1; Logo, , etc.)
  • If the size of the attachments are large, please consider sharing these items through a file sharing program such as dropbox, google drive, etc.  If you send the attachments through email, please email info@caee.org separately to confirm we received your nomination in case the email was too large to come through.

Photo Release: Any photos or other digial media submitted may be edited, copied, published, and distributed in CAEE communications and publications. Therefore you should have photo releases on file for any children pictured and permission to share those photos.

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