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Connecting educators to resources, tools, and expertise.



Enhancing the knowledge and skills of environmental educators and promoting high quality programs and practices.


Building support for environmental education with leaders and decision makers.


Empowering leadership and inclusiveness within the environmental education community.


Programs and initiatives connecting educators to resources, tools, and expertise include:

Email Groups and List Servs:  These contemporary tools provide a timely means for announcing specific discussions and news regarding topics such as teaching methods, emerging issues, grant opportunities, and upcoming trainings.

Info-Link Monthly Newsletter:  EE Info-Link, a newsletter specifically for CAEE members, contains up-to-date information and announcements regarding upcoming events, trainings, jobs, and new resources.

Environmental Education Directory:  The EE directory provides a means of connecting those looking for program resources with those providing them.  This directory lists more than 950 environmental education activities by topic, age level, and service area.



Programs enhancing the knowledge and skills of environmental educators and promoting high quality programs and practices include:

Professional DEEvelopment Series:  Workshops and discussions throughout the year on various environmental education topcis to widen perspectives, enhance skills, and further refine techniques.  

Advancing Environmental Education Conference:  This annual conference offers a multitude of opportunities to learn about EE activities, current research, innovative teaching techniques; to discuss new resources; and to network and share experiences.  

Certification of Environmental Educators:  Certification is designed to promote professionalism and provide professional development in the field of EE.  Through the process educators have the opportunity to demonstrate that they meet the highest standards of professional practice.  



Programs and initiatives building support for environmental education with leaders and decision makers include:

Decision- Maker Forums:  Through feature presentations, dialogue, and strategic thinking, this symposium examines how stakeholders can work together to continue providing environmental education to Colorado's communities.  It is designed to enhance understanding of stakeholders' priorities and concerns, and bring further understanding of the benefits of environmental education.

Awards for Excellence in EE:  The Environmental Education Awards for Excellence honor leadership in developing effective, cooperative, cross-sector environmental education by annually acknowledging organizations and individuals for significant contributions to the field of environmental education.

Advocacy Support:  CAEE's efforts focus on building support for environmental education on a broad scale.  They promote and enhance opportunities to make EE a key societal priority.  

Environmental Literacy:   CAEE is working to create a coordinated strategy between teachers, community educators, leaders and all stakeholders in EE that will help ensure increased access to programming, materials and resources, restore field experiences as part of the curriculum and create opportunities for on-going professional development.



Programs and Initiatives empowering leadership and inclusiveness within the environmental education community include:

Colorado Environmental Education Master Plan:  The Master Plan charts a comprehensive course for environmental education in Colorado by establishing a framework for this collective effort and by fostering long-term initiatives.  It sets forth an integrated, systemic approach to environmental education to be carried out by the whole EE community.  It is the guiding vision for EE in Colorado.

Environmental Education Advisory Council:  Key leaders from Colorado's environmental education community make up the Advisory Council.  In twice-a-year meetings, it sets long-term direction, goals, and objectives for CAEE and its network of committees.  The Advisory Council also nominates and elects CAEE's Board of Directors.

Diversity and Inclusiveness Initiative:  Serves to empower CAEE and its member organizations to make the field of environmental education more inclusive. Work includes the creation of goals and strategies to increase diversity of environmental educators, increase knowledge and skills related to inclusiveness, and increase abilities of environmental educators to successfully reach out to diverse audiences.

CAEE works to ensure everyone in Colorado has an opportunity to learn about the environment where they live. We value inclusiveness and welcome everyone to the field of environmental education.

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