How do I Use the School Building for EE?

How can I use the school building for environmental education?

What steps can I take to use the school building for EE?

Where can I get ideas on using the school building for EE?

One of the most effective ways to illustrate environmental literacy is through the daily practices of the school. By working to make their school sustainable, students will get hands-on experience with environmental education on a daily basis. Whether it be through using a “green” building, greening operations or integrating environmental curriculum, daily practices can advance environmental literacy.

The school building itself is a valuable learning tool, as energy systems, water systems and waste systems can all be studied and used to teach important concepts and skills within the Colorado Academic Standards. Students, educators and staff can also explore purchasing, transportation, recycling, reducing waste, environmental health and safety, food services and fitness practices. These practices will not only provide effective models and examples for learning, they can engage students in planning and proactive decision-making, and potentially provide thousands of dollars of savings for schools and districts.


What steps can I take to assess environmental literacy?


We are all Part of the Plan for Environmental Literacy!

We can help students learn on every level by utilizing or promoting use of the school building for environmental education.  Click on the group below that best describes your role to find actions you can take.





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Where can I get Ideas on how to use the School Building for EE?

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