How do I Integrate EE into the Curriculum?

What are the key ideas to integrate into curricula?

What Steps Can I Take?

Where can I get ideas?

In order to achieve environmental literacy in Colorado, environmental education needs to be integrated into all aspects of students’ learning experience. Environmental literacy is a part of Colorado’s Academic Standards, and a tool that can be used to teach concepts and skills across disciplines.

Curriculum is the foundation of student learning. If curricula are designed with environmental education in mind students will experience increased engagement with environmental education.


What are the key ideas to integrate into curricula?

Schools and districts should infuse environmental education into the curriculum and engage students in environmental education experiences, to ensure that upon graduation from 12th grade; environmentally literate students in Colorado are able to (These ideas were informed by the Project for Excellence in Environmental Education: Guidelines for Learning PreK-12created by the North American Association for Environmental Education):

The knowledge and skills that make up these ideas are an integral part of Colorado’s State Academic Standards. They can be both integrated into existing courses or units of study or inserted as a new course or unit of study depending on school or district needs.


What steps can I take?


We are all part of the plan for Environmental Literacy!

Click one of the groups below to find action steps you can take to help integrate environmental education into the curriculum in Colorado schools.

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Community Orgs and Agencies  


What Resources are Available?

Curriculum Planning Resources

Standards-Based Resources from the Colorado Department of Education

Ready to Use Curricula and lessons


[1] Ramsey, J.M, et al. Environmental Education in the K–12 Curriculum: Finding a Niche. (1992). Journal of Environmental Education, v23 n2 35–45.  Retrieved from

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