How do I get Professional Development or Training in EE?

What does quality professional development look like?

What Steps Can I Take to get professional development in EE?

Where can I get ideas on professional development in EE?

Quality environmental education professional development, resources and programming should help educators and students move toward participation and informed decision-making about the environment.

Quality professional development, resources and programming is:

  • Standards-based
  • Focused on 21st Century, and postsecondary and workforce readiness skills
  • Driven by the National Guidelines for Excellence in EE
  • Delivered by a diversity of providers, including members of the following communities: STEM, wellness, nutrition, higher ed pre-service and in-service, liberal arts/sciences
  • Ongoing
  • Available across a range of depth, breath and levels of experience
  • Occurring as close to the school/classroom as possible
  • Inclusive of planning for and applying new ideas and strategies at a classroom level, particularly that educators can start immediately
  • Mindful of providing ongoing support (human and material resources)


What steps can I take to get and promote professional development and training in EE?


We all have a part in the Plan for Environmental Literacy!

We can help advance environmental education by participating in continuing education and professional devlopment. Click on the group below that best describes your role to find actions you can take.





Higher Education: Coming Soon
  Community Organizations and Agencies


Where can I get Ideas on professional development and training in EE?

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