How do I connect with others doing Environmental Education?

How do I connect with the EE Community?

What Steps Can I Take to network and share EE?

Where can I get ideas on connecting with the EE community?

Environmental education is an inherently collaborative endeavor. Opportunities for networking and sharing ideas exist within the school, within the district and within the community. Working with other teachers or community educators can help build confidence in teaching environmental education. Shadowing, modeling and mentoring with these expert teachers, nonformal providers or other community resources can provide teachers with the tools, techniques and confidence they need to implement environmental education in the classroom.

Concrete learning in authentic or natural settings helps students see interrelationships, form place-based connections and makes learning relevant. As a result, it is critical that teachers work with other teachers, nonformal educators and partners to create environmental education experiences that enhance the school and classroom curriculum rather than merely supplement it. 

What steps can I take to network and share EE?


We are all Part of the Plan for Environmental Literacy!

We can help advance environmental education by networking, sharing ideas, and learning from each other.  Click on the group below that best describes your role to find actions you can take.





Higher Education:  Coming Soon
  Community Organizations and Agencies


Where can I get Ideas on how to involve the community in EE?

Search CAEE’s Environmental Education Directory to connect with other Programs and Resources

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