Colorado Environmental Education Leadership Council

Regional Councils 

Four regional councils have been developed across Colorado to assist in carrying out the mission, goals, and strategies outlined in the Colorado Environmental Education Plan (CEEP). Regional Environmental Education Councils consist of representatives from a variety of sectors and communities including, but not limited to, formal education, non-formal education providers, agriculture, oil and gas, energy, forestry, tourism, and recreation. Regional council members serve as champions of the CEEP by advancing the development and enhancement of environmental education networks and partnerships on a local level. 

Regional Council members play the roles of advocates, asset builders, ambassadors, and advisors with the following responsibilities:

  • Connect networks of state and community agencies, districts, and schools who work together in order to increase access to environmental education across the state.
  • Share success stories that support implementation of the plan
  • Strengthen partnerships among schools and districts and  EE providers who provide resources and access to environmental education opportunities to increase opportunities across the state.

To accomplish the above responsibilities councils will:

  • Establish annual goals and methods for evaluating those goals, including:
  • Generate a recruitment and orientation plan for new Council members.
  • Grow Partnerships among EE providers and schools and districts.
  • Increase access to EE resources and tools 


Council Meetings

CDE, DNR, and CAEE will call a Statewide gathering of the leadership of the EE Regional Leadership Councils two times per year and should be attended by at least two representatives from each of the four Regional Councils, representatives from CDE, DNR, and CAEE.  Purpose of the meeting will include:

  • Share region-specific priorities and successes.
  • Revisit and set common statewide priorities.
  • Inform CDE and DNR of activities across the state that are related to the CEEP.  Be informed of CDE and DNR relevant initiatives.
  • Monitor annual progress toward meeting the goals of the Colorado Environmental Education Plan.

Additional guests can be invited to attend these twice yearly meetings that could help inform regional members of statewide initiatives or could be informed by regional activities.  Guests can be invited to attend regularly or as applicable.


Region Contacts


Northwest: Lara Carlson,, Walking Moutains Science Center

Northeast: Rachel Brett,, Wildlands Restoration Volunteers    

Southwest: Kay Phelps,, Fort Lewis College

Southeast: DeLene Hoffner,, Academy District 20


Download a Map of the Regions



CAEE works to ensure everyone in Colorado has an opportunity to learn about the environment where they live. We value inclusiveness and welcome everyone to the field of environmental education.

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