Colorado EE Master Plan

The 2005 Colorado Environmental Education Master Plan is a re-vision for environmental education in Colorado, growing from the 1995 Colorado Environmental Education Master Plan. The plan outlines seven goals for the EE community to strive towards a vision of a time when EE is fully embraced, supported, and integrated into everyday experiences for all people in Colorado.  

Goals for environmental education in Colorado include:

Goal I. Collaboration: Optimize efficiency and effectiveness through collaborative efforts and partnerships among EE providers.

Goal II. Professional Development: Provide and participate in opportunities to develop and enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of all EE providers. Commit to the conscious, pro-active pursuit of quality as EE providers.

Goal III. Promotion: Increase understanding of and support for EE by improving the skills and ability of EE providers to strategically communicate the value and effectiveness of EE.

Goal IV. Formal Education: Integrate EE into the formal education system (pre-K through post-secondary schools). Facilitate traditional education as a natural conduit for EE.

Goal V. Diversity: Increase and broaden the diversity of EE audiences, providers, and in EE programs.

Goal VI. Quality and Relevance: Improve the effectiveness, relevance, and integrity of environmental education opportunities, experiences, and products.

Goal VII. Systemic EE: Strive for a paradigm shift toward sophisticated, fully-systemic approach to EE.

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