Nominating for Awards

Each year the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE) recognizes and honors individuals, organizations, and schools from around the state of Colorado for their innovation and dedication to moving the field of environmental education forward.

Nominations for the 2019 Excellence in Environmental Education Awards will open this fall. Nominations are reviewed and selected by CAEE’s Award Selection Committee and approved by CAEE's Board of Directors. Award recognition takes place at the annual awards celebration event typically held in conjunction with the Advancing EE Conference held each March.

Environmental education (EE) is a life-long learning process that increases awareness about the environment and its systems while developing critical-thinking skills that enable responsible decision-making. Environmental education can be inter-disciplinary and take place in a variety of settings, such as schools, parks, city neighborhoods, community gardens, businesses, higher education, media, zoos, museums, faith institutions, and more.  Award nominees may also identify their work as sustainability, stewardship, STEM, interpretation, outdoor education/leadership, youth development, environmental justice, community-based/engagement, conservation, green schools etc.

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Excellence in EE Award Nomination Categories

Click on the award name below for specific criteria, materials required, and submission process for that category.

Advancing Environmental Literacy Award:

Recognizes the outstanding contributions made to environmental literacy in Colorado through business, media, research, philanthropy, collaborative efforts or other innovative initiatives/projects that advance the environmental literacy of Colorado citizens or the field of environmental education. Any organization, businesses, institution, group or coalition is encouraged to submit a nomination.  Self-nominations or by peers accepted.

Enos A. Mills Lifetime Achievement Award:

This award is for significant achievement within the environmental education field and is named after Enos Mills, "founder" of Rocky Mountain National Park.  It is presented each year to an individual for long-term, outstanding achievements and contributions to EE.  Only peer nominations accepted. 

Innovative Environmental Education Program Award (formal and nonformal programs):

Recognizes outstanding and innovative EE programs, projects, curriculum, etc. in both formal and nonformal settings. Successful new programs can apply. Self-nominations or by peers accepted.

Outstanding Environmental Educator Award (formal, nonformal, volunteer educators):

Recognizes the exceptional contributions made by an individual to his/her community in environmental education. This recipient is acknowledged as a role model for environmental responsibility and serves as an inspiration for his/her audiences and peers. Self-nominations or by peers accepted. 

Outstanding Retiring Environmental Educator Recognition:

Recognizes an outstanding environmental educator (i.e., at any grade level, formal or non-formal) that has worked at least five years in EE, plans to retire within one year or be three years or less beyond retirement, and has made a significant contribution to environmental education during his/her career. Self-nominations or by peers accepted. 

Outstanding Youth Environmental Leadership Award:

Recognizes the exceptional contributions made by a young person to his/her community in environmental education (ages 14-23). The award recipient must demonstrate outstanding leadership in the creation and implementation of an original program and/or provide exemplary leadership and service to an existing environmental organization or school-based environmental education program. Self-nomination or by peers/supervisors accepted. 

CAEE works to ensure everyone in Colorado has an opportunity to learn about the environment where they live. We value inclusiveness and welcome everyone to the field of environmental education.

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